ATM Surveillance

It’s crucial for financial systems to have sound security measures in place. With criminals finding new ways to hack into security systems, it is vital that solutions be reliable and result-oriented. CP PLUS’ offers solutions with advanced analytics for multiple facets of banking, ranging from ATMs to Branch offices to Data Centers to Lockers and more.

ATM Security Challenges

  • Free access to ATM
  • Authentication of customer claims
  • Face recognition is poor due to low quality
  • CCTV surveillance system
  • No recordable surveillance just outside ATM

ATM Security Challenges

  • Access to only authorized persons & identification of offender
  • High quality footage to help authorities identify and alert its network
  • Easy and seamless upgrade to the latest solution
  • System alerts can be set when repeat offenders try to transact

Cash Van Surveillance

Cash Van Security Challenges

  • Anybody can enter through driver’s cabin
  • Monitoring of the activities in the Vehicle
  • The driver’s behavior in case of accidents is largely unmonitored
  • Backup of video data

Cash Van Security Solutions

  • Card based restricted, controlled and monitored access to van staff
  • The system will provide backup of all the video files and data through removable hard disk case
  • Integrated mobile DVR and Access control

Redefining Branch Surveillance

Branch Surveillance Challenges

  • Difficult lighting conditions
  • Use of existing surveillance System
  • Monitoring cash transaction points
  • Cost Effective solution

Branch Surveillance Solutions

  • High resolution cameras and DVR will record details of the suspicious persons
  • Low light CCTV cameras will capture images in such areas
  • The proposed system will leverage existing analog camera base
  • Introduction of network video surveillance to detect potential security threats.

Central Control Command

Central Control Command Challenges

  • Surveillance health monitoring
  • Analysis of surveillance feeds/activities
  • Centralized feed from the monitoring systems
  • Ensuring instant alerts

Central Control Command Solutions

  • Card based restricted, controlled and monitored access to van staff
  • Integrated mobile DVR and Access control
  • entral Monitoring System will help to track location and inside views of the vehicle